Own a MAC but need to run Windows software and Windows 10 Drivers?  Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac is an A+ product.  Years ago an easrly version of Parallels was slow and choppy.  Not anymore.  Parallels 14 were likes a Ferrari on your Mac and you can easily click back and forth between your normal Mac screen and a single large crisp Window that runs Windows 10.  I was skeptical but I did the 14 day free trial and love it.  I'mn not a Windows fan but it did not take long to figure out.  I recommend purchasing Windows 10 from within your install of Parallels.  You'll be given an option.  You do not need to download Windows after you purchase it.  Just coipy and save the Product Key and then click back to your Parallels install session and padste the Product Key, it will then download the correct version of Windows 10 for you Mac.  In my case, it selected 64bit version.  This was nice because the Windows website was going to make me choose and I wasn't sure.  So rather than download the software from Microsoft, just purchase it thru the Install session of Parallels and when you get to the point of getting the Product Key, leave your Browser and go back to Parall;els install to paste in the Product Key.  

Click Image to see App description.

Astro Novice's #1 rated App for iPhone: Sky Guide at


Was under $2 in May 2015.

Run Windows-based Programs on a Mac.


Astro Novice's #1 rated Progam for Mac computers to be able to read and run astronomy or star software that may have been formated only for a PC or Windows-based Operating System.  For example, you bought a scope and it came with a software CD that only runs on Windows but you only use a Mac computer.  Or, you otherwise have cme accross a software program file (.exe) or CD that won't run on your Mac computer.  This free software is called (oddly enough) "Wine Bottler" but it has nothing to do with wine.  You download it and install in on your Mac (see tw links below).  Then, when you run WineBottler, you select the .exe program file or installer file on your Windows-only software--the one you couldn't get to install by itself.  It will convert the program to your Mac and install it and ask for your third-party softwar license number (look on your CD or CD jacket).  A few minutes later and your Mac will have your Astronomy software installed as an Application on your Mac.  Then, you can simply open it from your Finder window under Applications. 


Price as of June 2015:  FREE


Main site (requires you to watch a short Ad)


The Ad I was to watch had an error playing.  The Ad site invited me to install Ad viewing software which I did not do.  So, I just bypassed the Ad and clicked the "Skip Ad" button and it took me to this direct download link:


You can make a donation to the WineBottler website if you choose to support this easy to use and very cool program.

Astro Novice's #1 rated Green Laser pointer pen: LaserPointerPro 30mW 532nm Powerful Mid-open Green Laser Pointer available at


Was under $9 and free shipping worldwide in June 2015.  Comes with 2 AAA batteries.


Technical specifications:
Laser color    Green
Laser Wavelength    532nm
Laser output    30mW
Laser Range    <15 miles
Light Style    Beam Light
Switch    Botton
Power Supply    2 x AAA Batteries
Output Type    Fixed focus, Continuous Wave
Body material    Aluminium
Product Weight    5.43 oz
Dimension    0.6" x 6.3" ( Dia. x L )

Astro Novice's #1 rated Astronomy Podcast for iPhone or Mac:  Astronomy 161, Introduction to the Solar System, is the first quarter of a 2-quarter introductory Astronomy for non-science majors taught at The Ohio State University. This podcast presents audio recordings of Professor Richard Pogge's lectures from his Autumn Quarter 2007 class. All of the lectures were recorded live in 1000 McPherson Laboratory on the OSU Main Campus in Columbus, Ohio.

Astro Novice's #1 rated astronomy chair:

Starbound Astronomy Viewing Chair, White

Was $149 in June 2015


Red Screen Software (for Mac)
Free software program that allows you to activate a night vision red screen mode while stargazing. It serves just one purpose: to preserve your dark adapted eyes, so you can work with your Mac in a dark environment. Can tailor and adjust the settings to your liking. ***IMPORTANT *** After downloading, open your Downloads folder and add dmg to the file extension so the program name is changed to RedScreen.dmg After changing the name, double-click and install. Make sure to move the App to your Applications folder. Click the following to download:
File [586.8 KB]

Find your Latitude & Longitude based on your address at 



(click map to pinpoint)


Covert your decimal Latitude & Longitude to the Degrees/Minutes/Seconds format at:


Find useful beginning astronomy information at

Find the Astronomy Club located in Gainesville, Florida at

Celestron Edge HD White Paper
EdgeHD White Paper.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [8.1 MB]

Pixel Wired Remote Shutter Release Control 

Was under $5 with free shipping in June 2015.

Compatible with NIKON MC-DC2, for NIKON Nikon D7000 D5100 D5000 D3200 D3100 D90


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